Dogs are great roommates. They are a wonderful company, they never have a television remote control and rarely organize parties. While some cities and small towns have a relative wealth of options to choose from, others, such as San Francisco, seem to experience a kind of housing crisis when it comes to pet-friendly options. Wherever the real estate market is tight – New York, Houston, Chicago – you are probably seeing a growing problem.

“At SF SPCA, we are seeing a growing number of pet owners with tears in their eyes who are forced to deliver their dogs and cats to us due to housing problems,” says Krista Maloney, a media relations specialist. “This worrying trend is due to the fact that in San Francisco housing for pets is becoming scarce. Despite being one of the most pet-friendly American cities, with 1, 7 dogs per child, the owners have a different idea of what constitutes a good tenant. “

When you start applying for housing, write a resume for pets and prepare them for when you submit your credit report. “Be proactive in getting yourself a good candidate to show that your pet has been a big tenant in the past,” says Maloney. “Include the great qualities of your dog, such as being sociable, friendly, calm, great with children and non-destructive.” Also include a list of buildings from the past where your pet lived and a photo of your furry friend. Furthermore, a veterinarian can guarantee the authenticity and behavior of the dog. This kind of personal touch will show that you are a responsible pet owner who plays.

But what does a renter have to do if he lives in a house suitable for dogs and the owner changes the rental contract at the time of renewal to avoid including pets? Unfortunately, there is no easy appeal. There is evidence that, after a long period of time, an owner may have effectively renounced the right to a prohibition clause for pets if the owner had previously been authorized to have a pet. However, laws vary by city and state, so you should always check with local ordinances to find out your rights.  but it may not be worth your time or money. You could be better off looking for new homes.

To prevent the landlord from changing the arrangement, you should constantly try to proactively address his animal concerns. Understandably, property managers are concerned about potential property damage, so it is your job to tell them what kind of training or obedience your pet has taken and provide sterilization / disinfection tests.

If you are currently looking for accommodation suitable for dogs, rental sites like Zumper.com are a great starting point for hunting. There is a pet-friendly filter so you can restrict the results to dog-friendly options only. Growth analyst at Zumper Ina Herlihy also recommends searching by description of the neighborhood, so you can choose accommodation based on proximity to parks and outdoor spaces to bring your pet. You could also focus on the units on the ground floor if you have a puppy or a pet that needs to go out frequently. Easy access to the grass is a huge advantage for you and your four-legged friends.